Call for papers: Special issue "Accountability and Control in Context of Pandemic"

The Revista da CGU invites the academic community to submit contributions to the special issue Accountability and Control in Context of Pandemic. This issue will be published in December 2020 with the scientific coordination of professors Frederico Lustosa da Costa (UFF) and Eduardo José Grin. (FGV EAESP).

The Covid-19 pandemic and the economic, social, and political disruptions caused by it raise questions about the need of accountability. In this time, questions regarding the permanence and effectiveness of public control, social oversight, transparency, public communication, and other mechanisms associated with accountability must be addressed. This crisis has been marked by the need that governments and their administrative apparatus act promptly, transparently, and efficiently in protecting people in the situation of multiple vulnerabilities is paramount, but at the same time, these actions must be undertaken under the scrutiny of the rule of law and democratic accountability mechanisms.  These unprecedented difficulties and tensions are especially pronounced in developing countries, which have so far not received due attention from scientific and political communities, even though the crisis will likely have deeper impacts in the global south.

The Revista da CGU proposes this special issue and expects to receive articles, book reviews, and research reports to promote the debate and research on accountability and control in the pandemic context, especially on the following topics:

  • historical aspects related to emergency legislation;
  • pandemic, inequality, and social exclusion;
  • pandemic and crisis management - challenges of public communication, coordination, accountability, information management, and governance;
  • pandemic and federation - challenges of federative cooperation that point out problems, gaps, and advances in emergencies;
  • pandemic and forms of public accountability;
  • pandemic and judicial review over public policies.
  • the role, challenges and limits of accountability institutions in the context of pandemic;
  • the role of the Legislative Branch in tackling the pandemic and in monitoring government actions;
  • pandemic, democracy, and transparency (does social accountability contribute to the democratic exercise of power in contexts of emergency?);
  • critical analysis of accountability and control practices and experiences in combating the pandemic - rationales, strategies, and results.

Interested authors should submit their contributions until Aug 14th, exclusively through the journal's editorial system, available at, observing the following:

  • proposals must observe and contribute to the objective and themes of this issue;
  • articles must be original and contain up to 7,000 words, being mandatory: i) a clear and consistent presentation of the research methodology, question, and objectives; and iii) references to previous papers published by the Revista da CGU in recent years;
  • book reviews should contain up to 3,000 words, based on a book that was published less than two years before the submission date;
  • research reports should contain up to 2,000 words, focusing on ongoing investigations and data analysis - the publication of research reports does not exclude future publications of their definitive versions;
  • contributions can be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, with the submission of the title, abstract and up to five keywords in these three languages;
  • for submission, the other journal's rules, policies, and guidelines available at


  1. Call for papers: May 11th, 2020.
  2. Submission deadline: Aug 14th, 2020.
  3. Result of the evaluation process: Nov 6th, 2020.
  4. Launch of the special issue: Dec 9th, 2020.