Revista da CGU

The Revista da CGU is a scientific journal aimed at diffusing and promoting knowledge and research in the following topics: accountability and anti-corruption policies; internal control and public audit; governance and risks; correctional procedures and administrative liability; transparency and social oversight; integrity and public ethics; ombudsman activities and public participation; and corruption prevention and fighting. We are also interested in promoting studies focused on research methodology around these topics.

The journal is available for publishing articles, translations, book reviews, and research reports in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and our editorial policies and submission guidelines are available in these three languages. Para Português, veja “Selecione o idioma" na barra lateral da direita. Para Español, vea "Selecione o idioma" en la barra lateral derecha.

Currently, the Revista da CGU is on the stratum B4 of the Brazilian classification of scientific journals (Capes Qualis), linked to the area of Public and Business Administration, Accounting, and Tourism. Our contributions has the DOI prefix 10.36428/revistacgu.

To cite this journal, please use “Revista da CGU” and the ISSN 2595-668X. For contributions until 2011, please use ISSN 1981-674X.



News: The Revista da CGU presents its new editorial policies and trilingual website


The Revista da CGU presents its new editorial policies, in accordance with international standards and recommendations on ethics and best practices related to the scientific editorial process. These new policies are now available on the journal's website in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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Call for papers: Special issue "Accountability and Control in Context of Pandemic"


The Revista da CGU invites the academic community to submit contributions to the special issue Accountability and Control in Context of Pandemic. This issue will be published in December 2020 and is scientifically coordinated by professors Frederico Lustosa da Costa (UFF) and Eduardo José Grin. (FGV EAESP).

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Call for papers: Special Issue "Interface between State Sanctions"


Special Issue Interface between State Sanctions: the interrelations between administrative and criminal sanctions

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